The "Next" and "Back" buttons at the lower right corner of the page are the navigation tools you will likely use most often, aside from the colour-coded text links within the program. Sometimes these buttons will be temporarily hidden to make sure you don’t miss important information. The following links are also found at the bottom of each page:

Home: This is the first page you see when accessing TCPS 2: CORE from the Panel on Research Ethics (PRE) website. It is a central linking point to all other pages relevant to the program.

Glossary: This page contains all the terms that appear in green boldface text in the program in alphabetical order for quick reference.

FAQ: This link takes you to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. If the answer to your issue is not there - go to the Help page.

Help: This page is a feedback request form. You can use it to inform our technical support staff if you are having a problem with the program (e.g. information not appearing, external link inactive, etc.).

Acknowledgements: This page credits everyone who was involved in the development and implementation of TCPS 2: CORE.